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Who is eligible to enroll at Excel High School?
- Full-time students enrolled in public or other private high schools
- Part-time students enrolled in public or other private high schools International students as well.


Is there a minimum number of courses I can take at Excel High School?
No,we have a long history of accepting full-time, part-time and single-credit students at our school.


How long does it take?
Every student has their own pace.Students can work quickly or slowly. They can finish their course in 4 weeks or 14 months - it is up to them.Their is no schedule for assignment completion - students decide when to hand in their assignments and take their tests. Students must complete their course in 18 months.


What is the average class size?
Our average class size is 4 to 8 students. We believe that with a smaller class size, students can work much more closely with their teachers to reach their full potential.


How do we apply?
Interested applicants can drop in during our opening hours and fill out an application form. Application forms can also be filled out on our website.