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Welcome to Excel High School

Credit courses after school or on weekends small classroom setting with individual attention
Qualified teachers with friendly atmosphere
Going back to School after a long gap
Flexible timings to accommodate your work Schedule

Our programs are specifically designed by identifying each student's specific needs for successful career.
Offer the Ontario secondary school diploma{ OSSD)
Flexible and small classes
Dedicated Qualified teachers
Excellent instruction with individual attention
Reasonable fee structure
Earn credit in 2-3 months
Weekend and Evening classes also available
Tutoring from Grade 4 to 12 in all subjects

Giving students the best they deserve-Excel High School
Aiming at giving the best education to the students, Excel High School in Toronto has ranked itself as one of the premier institutions in the area and surrounding. The school focuses on the all round development for the students so that they can excel in their profession and higher studies. Small class size, weekend and evening classes enable the working people to join the credit courses too. The credits can be obtained in the fast track so that the students get edge over others. Affordable course fee, better student-teacher interaction and the modern gadgets used in the laboratories enable the students to enjoy the learning here. The Excel High School has kept its footprints in Markham and Scarborough too. Numerous extracurricular activities along with the various sports events help the students to grow physically and mentally. Excel High School focuses on giving the best to the students and they deserve it.

As Excel High School is one of the Best and most Affordable Private High Schools in Scarborough provide the students with tools and chances to break the cycle of nervousness and confidence that controls their lives and enabling them to become contributing members of our community in Toronto, Scarborough and Markham which are in very close to each other allowing the students from Toronto and Markham to reach the school very easily and comfortably. Our students also have a voice, wherever feasible in forming, arranging and operating our various programs.

Distance and traveling time from Toronto and Markham to Scarborough are as under:
27 Km. from Toronto to Scarborough taking 23 min. (approx.)
22 Km. Markham to Scarborough taking 18 min. (approx.)

Tutoring available for all grades

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Who is eligible to enroll at Excel High School?

- Full-time students enrolled in public or other private high schools
- Part-time students enrolled in public or other private high schools International students as well

Contact Us

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ON M1S 3L1

TEL: (416) 299-1745